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Having a complete and competitive team in London in our company for the construction and renovation of commercial and residential buildings, from architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, tilers, plasterers, designers and painters to windows and doors fitters, furniture fitters of all kinds, and many more is a great advantage both for us and for the clients we work for, because they will not have to contact more companies, but only one. One contract and a single company is ideal for both parties because it is much easier to manage and organize a work, no matter what its complexity.

The fewer construction companies (ideally one company to execute a job) perform a work in London for a client, the better the chances are that the work will be executed more qualitatively according to the UK standards and will be finished in the time stipulated in the contract, without delays and no problems that can occur when there are several companies together doing the same work.

The most relevant services our London construction company offers are: house & flat refurbishment, house extension, loft conversion, house renovation, office & shop refurbishment, pub & restaurant refurbishment, bathroom & kitchen refurbishment, electricians and plumbers works, kitchen furniture fitting, residential & commercial cleaning, etc…

Also, when our clients in London are requesting us, our building company also offers complete services in terms of obtaining all necessary documents and authorizations for the operation and design of each individual work, creating structural or non-personalized projects, such as: Building Control Plans, Householder Planning Application, Planning Application, Structural Projects Engineer, Projects Engineer, Building Registration, Certificate of Lawful Development, Digital CAD Survey, Party Wall Surveyor, etc…

We are probably not the cheapest in the London or the UK market, but we can say with certainty that our prices are not the most expensive. We are probably somewhere at a medium price as well as in London or the UK, but we will ensure that when we start a job we will definitely finish it on time, with responsibility, offering very good quality and every time we will try to satisfy each client in order to be able to recommend us with confidence to future clients (from family, friends, work colleagues, neighbors, etc.).

One of our company’s “quality-pricing” policies in London for the services we offer to our customers is that we prefer to lose a work that we cannot cover as a cost and for which we are not sure 100% we can finalize under the best conditions than to take and sign a contract that we cannot respect (price, time of execution, quality or other aspect stipulated in the contract).

That is why the negotiations of the prices of all the works that we do in London are done with great care, to the limit of the common sense, according to the requirements and the claims of the clients and the used materials, depending on the type of work, the location and other important issues involved in making a decision to take a work or not, in which both parties are satisfied from all points of view.

The satisfaction of both parties (our company and our clients) regarding the quality of the work and the price, leads to the successful completion of the project. There will be no problems if each party respects its obligations and duties.

Our engineers from London, builders, electricians, and architects have great experience in this field, have been carefully selected by our company and can ensure that you will not be disappointed but only satisfied from all points of view: quality, price, communication, organization, seriousness, punctuality.

We have an experience of almost 12 years of construction – refurbishment in Italy, where the quality standard is very high, where the works are done at a much higher level than in many other major European countries That is why we believe this is one of the main positive experiences that have helped us progress in London and the UK and bring our services to a superior standard compared to many companies in London.

We think that permanent communication with our clients in London is a very important thing to complete a successful work according to the tastes and preferences of each client, because each customer wants something different from others. That’s why for us it is very important to communicate with them throughout the project, especially towards the end when the finishes are done.

Also, a very important thing to finish a successful work in London and to please any client is the compassionate organization of a work, from A to Z, from demolition or construction (as the case may be) to the finishing works. Poor organization of a work may lead to delays or distrust, uncertainty to clients, or poor credibility as a construction company.

Generally, we keep in touch with most of our London clients and we have a good report even if the works have been completed and we have been recommended to other clients by them (friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues, etc.) because they were satisfied with the services of our company.

We are transparent and fair with all our clients in London, and before any work begins, the quotation and a well-established contract with all the details are signed, and for the entire duration of the project if something unexpected and unpredictable occurs in which further extra work is required, we first communicate to our customers, and after he accepted our price for the extra job we continue with the project. But generally, such surprises are not so often, unless the clients want to change some things in the quotation and project.

For all those who want a collaboration with us in London or the neighboring cities, in the long run (investors, architects, real estate agencies), please send us an email, after which we will contact you for a meeting where we can discuss all the details necessary for an advantageous collaboration for both parties.

It is very important for any work done in London or other cities in the UK to sign both the quotation and a contract between the parties, specifying the final price, the start date of the work, the deadline and all other necessary details.

We work especially in these areas of LONDON: Chelsea SW3, Nothing Hill W1, Hammersmith W6, Kensington W8, Shepherd’s Bush  W12, Holland Park W11, Richmond TW10, Kingston Upon, Battersea SW11, Earls Court SW5, Fulham SW6, Knightsbridge SW7, Ealing W5, West Brompton SW10, Putney SW15, Wimbledon SW19, Walthamstow E17, Camden Town-Regent Park  NW1, Hampstead, Swiss Cottage  NW3, Covent Garden  WC2A, Mile End, Stepney, Whitechapel  E1, Moorgate, Liverpool Street  EC2A, but also in many other areas of London.

What is the advantage of working with our company?

If you decide to work with our company to build and renovate commercial and residential buildings, our advantage is that we have a full team of specialists in London, starting from architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, tilers, plasterers, painters and doors and windows fitters as well as furniture fitters regardless of their type. In addition, if you choose to work with our company, you will not have to work with more companies to do the job you want to do, making it ideal for you to make a single contract with a single company and easier to manage and organize a more complex or simple work.

When you choose to work in London with a single company to do a job, your chances to deliver quality work to UK standards are higher, as well as the punctuality of finishing work on time without delay and without interfering with other problems, as it happens if you call on several construction companies to do the same work. Also, our company can give you an Online Free Quotation for the job that you want to be done.

Our company in London offers important services such as House & Apartment Refurbishment, House Extension & Loft Conversion, Office & Shop Refurbishment, Restaurant & Pub & Bar Renovation, Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment, Plumbing & Electrical Work.

Our construction company does not only deal with construction works. At the request of our clients, we can also obtain the required documents and authorizations for the operation and design of each work, by carrying out structural or non-personalized projects.

How much does a house renovation cost in London? With regard to the price of the works we perform, it may vary depending on the type of work we have to accomplish, but our company’s prices are of medium level in London or UK. With your indication, we can answer also to questions such as: How Much Does a House Extension Cost in London? How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost in London? How Much Does a Flat Refurbishment Cost in London? Or How Much Does a Kitchen Refurbishment Cost in London? by giving you an Instant Online Quotation. We guarantee that we will provide you with a very good quality work because what we are interested in pleasing every client because he will then recommend us with confidence to his or her close friends or family.

Each company has its policies in place, but one of the company’s policies we are working on is the quality-price ratio of the services we provide to our customers. After analyzing the work, if we are aware that we cannot cover costs and that we cannot complete the work until the deadline, we prefer to lose this work in order to exclude the formation of a negative image related to our company.

Before concluding a contract with a customer who has requested us for the services offered by our company, we are open to negotiate with our clients the price of the works, but this is done with care to please both the client and us. Prices differ depending on the type of work, the place where the property is located or other important aspects that may influence the price of the work.

To exclude issues of any kind, we offer quality work at a price that will please both our client and our company, respecting the obligations and duties that we have.

We guarantee that you will not be disappointed because the choice of our team has been carefully done by employing specialists such as builders, plumbers, electricians, architects, engineers with vast experience in the field which will satisfy your wishes in all respects (quality, price, communication, organization, seriousness, punctuality).

Acquiring a 12-year experience of building and refurbishing in Italy, the country where the quality standard is known to be high, where work is done at a complex level with other countries in Europe, is a strong point for us which helped us grow  in London and the UK and to raise our services to a superior standard compared to other companies in London, but not only.

The relationship between the company and the client is very important for us to do a successful job, communicating with our clients in London will help us to meet their needs and preferences because each client wants something different; The most important thing is to let us know the desires in terms of finishing at the end of the work.

Making a work from A to Z, for example from demolition or construction to finishing works, leads to a successful work in London that will please any customer. Poor organization of a work leads to a lack of confidence and exceeding the deadline, insecurity towards clients or distrust as a construction company.

Usually, our company manages to keep in touch with our former London clients where our company has finished the works, being often recommended to other clients like friends and their family, as we have been able to thank our clients with our quality service.

Our company works transparently and correctly with our clients in London. From the beginning, the quotation is signed and a well-understood contract with all the details regarding the work to be done. Communication with our clients is important, and if there is an unexpected problem during the works where extra work is required, first we inform our clients about the change of the price for the extra job and after the customer agrees we will continue the work. However, such problems are rare, they can occur if customers want to change details from the quotation and project.

If you want to collaborate for a long time with our company in London or other nearby cities (investors, architects, real estate agents), please contact us at the email address. Later, we will contact you for a meeting where all the details will be discussed for an advantageous collaboration both for you and for us.

Regardless of the type of work done in London or other cities in the UK, it is essential to sign the quotation and the contract, in which the final price, the start and finish date of the work and other necessary details which will benefit both the company and the customer will be noted.

Our customers, especially those who live in London, can make two types of online quotes on our website: instant quote (quote cost) and free quote in 24/48 hours. It will not take more than a few minutes to fill both forms to get the desired price, or instant quotation free of charge or quotation in 24/48 hours, as the case may be.

Do not hesitate to contact us and you will not be disappointed.