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Loft Conversion

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Additional building work: Loft Conversion

Electrical and plumbing works (Loft Conversion), including all materials

New bathroom & kitchen, including floor tiles, wall tiles and plastering, only for Loft Conversion

Install new doors (Loft Conversion), including all materials, builder and painter

Replacement windows (Loft Conversion), including all materials, builder and painter

Engineer & Architect Projects for Loft Conversion

Other works included all materials, for Loft Conversion:

Remove the existing roof, Installing new roof (including pipes, drainage, shingles), Build Thermal plasterboard walls, Install phonic deck flooring, Install T & G board flooring, Insulated rendering on exterior walls, Install new flooring, Install the new staircase, Full plastering all interior walls and ceilings, Full painting and decorating all interior walls and ceiling, Final rubbish clearance after the refurbishment, Scaffolding.

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Loft Conversion. Construction – Refurbishment & Renovation London

Our Company can offer you any type of service in construction and renovation any type of building, such as: architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, tilers, plasterers, carpentry, painters and windows and doors fitters, furniture fitters, etc.

How to build a Loft Conversion in London is very important because it can positively influence the value of the house on the real estate market, even when you want to rent it you will get a better price; If you want to sell the property, its value will increase by seeing it being influenced by the way this Loft Conversion was made in London or other UK cities.

For the same Loft Conversion in London, the same square meters built, the same requirements, the same project, the prices may be different under certain circumstances, as specified above, so we advise all our clients who made a free online quotation and they made an approximate idea of the cost of the works to ask us by e-mail a visit to that work when they are decided, so that we can analyze all aspects and we can give them a final price in 24/48 hours from our visit to your home or some relevant suggestions if it is the case.

With the help of our team’s architects, our company can offer you the best solutions for your House Extension, taking into account your tastes and needs, and most importantly, of your budget. A Loft Conversion in London can be done in different ways, with different sizes and shapes within the available land and existing house you own and want to expand, but also within the limits of the necessary Authorizations from the Council and Building Control.

Construction – Refurbishment & Renovation London want to inform you that all the free online quotations that our clients request through our web site are priced, but they may vary from one area to another, from the area of the Loft Conversion, the type of materials used, the type of building, parking if, the project and other aspects that can cover the compressive cost of the works and their duration.

Our company operates on the basis of contracts with our clients, respecting the contractual terms, especially when it comes to the deadline for completion of the works, but also the initial prices. When our clients request extra jobs, they will be informed about the possibility of increasing the price of the work, but otherwise, there will be no increase in the price set with the customer.

When we work with new clients, to gain confidence in the professionalism and quality of our services, we provide references from older clients who have requested our services in London and neighboring cities, as well as references to the customers we are currently carrying out our activities.

You can usually find us working in these areas, but we are available for any other type of work in any area in London or outside London: Chelsea, Nothing Hill, Hammersmith, Kensington, Shepherd’s Bush , Holland Park, Richmond, Kingston Upon, Battersea, Earls Court, Fulham, Knightsbridge, Ealing, West Brompton, Putney, Wimbledon, Walthamstow, Camden Town-Regent Park , Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, Covent Garden, Mile End, Stepney, Whitechapel, Moorgate, Liverpool Street.

Do not hesitate to contact us and you will not be disappointed.