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Because you can freely make your own free online quotation in the easiest and fastest way possible, without wasting time. You can make a quotation with more options in just a few minutes, depending on your budget and your needs or preferences.

Because we offer complete construction/renovation/refurbishment services in London or cities near London without the customer having to turn to more companies to do a more complex job, but only to us, to a single company, therefore simplifying the process of a work, regardless of its complexity and duration.

Because we offer complete turn-key services in London, starting with the initial demolition, design and finishing of a real estate, whether it’s a commercial or residential building, with our finishing materials (sanitary, solid floor, laminate floor, floor tiles, wall tiles, doors, windows, etc.) included in the price and without these materials, this being at our clients’ choice.

Because we offer complete services in the field of construction and renovation in London, such as: house & flat refurbishment, house extension, loft conversion, house renovation, office & shop refurbishment, pub & restaurant refurbishment, bathroom & kitchen refurbishment, electricians and plumbers works, kitchen furniture fitting, residential & commercial cleaning, etc…

Because we deal with all the documents and authorizations and the design of any type of work in London or other neighboring cities, according to circumstances and requirements, and all of these services are found in the online quote forms, such as: Building Control Plans, Householder Planning Application, Planning Application, Structural Projects Engineer, Projects Engineer, Building Registration, Certificate of Lawful Development, Digital CAD Survey, Party Wall Surveyor, etc…

Because we have all the prices displayed on our website for any type of work, even if there are only estimated prices. We are among the few companies that post their prices on the website, and the customers who ask for our services already know what prices we have and what could be the costs even before we see the work to be done.

Because we have the necessary experience to be able to give a higher value to a real estate. Your property will have an increased price on the real estate market, thus obtaining a much better price regardless of what is planned for that building, without spending enormous amounts. We advise the clients what solutions and alternatives they have to create a successful work, regardless of whether the building is rented, sold or held for the long term.

Because we always respect the terms of the contract and the duration of the works, if they depend on us and not on other factors that are not related to our company.

Because we can provide enough references from our clients in London, previous or current clients, so that prospective customers can rest assured that their property is in good hands without worrying about anything over the duration of the project.

Because we are fair and well organized from all points of view. Our clients will not be tricked by giving them one price at the beginning of the project and then asking for another at the end. We always sign a contract before each project with the detailed quotations.

Do you have too much free time? I do not believe that. Now, you can get an instant free quotation without too much headaches without lowering your free time to get an estimation. You can make online quotations with more options on our website, taking into account your budget, your needs or preferences.

Because it’s simpler and more practical. You will no longer need to work with more companies to accomplish a more complex work. You can now only call our company because we offer a full range of construction/renovation/refurbishing services in London and the surrounding cities of London, regardless of the type and complexity of the work you want to achieve.

Because our company offers complete services starting from demolition, designing and a building, whether it is a commercial or residential one. We offer you the possibility to include in the price our materials used for finishing, or you can choose not to include the materials in the price, this remains at your choice.

Because we offer various complete services in the field of construction and renovation, as follows: House & Apartment Refurbishment, House Extension & Loft Conversion, Office & Shop Refurbishment, Restaurant & Pub & Bar Refurbishment, Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment or Plumbing & Electrical Work (Residential & Commercial). For this services, and not just for them you can Get an INSTANT Online Price so that you will have an estimation of your expenses.

Because besides construction and refurbishment services, at your request, we can handle all documents and authorizations for the operation and design of any type of work on the territory of London or other neighboring cities, depending on the circumstances and the requirements. This type of service can be found on online quotes forms, such as: Get Free House Refurbishment Quotes in London, Get Free House Extension Quotes in London, Get Free Loft Conversion Quotes in London and many others. And because this is a good way of answering questions like: How Much Does a House Extension Cost in London? How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost in London? or How Much Does a House Refurbishment Cost in London?

Because our company provides you with estimated prices on its website as opposed to other companies that do not offer you this. When you decide to work with our company, you will know what pricing we have and you will have knowledge of the costs of the work that you want to achieve.

Because we have experienced people in the team who will help you to value your real estate by raising the price on the real estate market and you will be able to get a much higher price than before without knowing what you intend to do with that building, without spending a lot of money. The specialists from our company will tell you what solutions and alternatives you can have to create a successful work, even if it is a real estate that you want to rent, sell or hold to live in the long run.

Because we are a serious company and respect the details described in the contract, the deadline for the completion of the work.

Because we are willing to offer references of the other clients with whom our company has collaborated in London, past clients or current clients; In this way, we offer our clients the certainty that the work will be done successfully by professionals, without you having to worry or to be concerned about this during the works.

Because we have a direct relationship with the client, because we are a serious, well organized company that analyzes and evaluates the price of the works from the beginning, without changing it during the work; the final price will be specified in the contract, and this cannot be changed.

Because we understand from the beginning, in all of our quotations that we send to our clients who have requested us, whether they are online or sent after visiting them, they describe in detail all the work requested by the client, Without leaving room for interpretations and doubts that can create confusion. Each extra job during the job will be attached to the initial quotation, and the amount in the contract will be changed after the client’s approval.

Because we have a program accessible to London customers, available from Monday to Saturday between 8:30 and 18:00, and in case of emergency, we are available to work even on certain holiday days if needed.

The most important areas in London, where our company’s work, are the following: Chelsea SW3, Nothing Hill W1, Hammersmith W6, Kensington W8, Shepherd’s Bush  W12, Holland Park W11, Richmond TW10, Kingston Upon, Battersea SW11, Earls Court SW5, Fulham SW6, Knightsbridge SW7, Ealing W5, West Brompton SW10, Putney SW15, Wimbledon SW19, Walthamstow E17, Camden Town-Regent Park  NW1, Hampstead, Swiss Cottage  NW3, Covent Garden  WC2A, Mile End, Stepney, Whitechapel  E1, Moorgate, Liverpool Street  EC2A, and not only in these areas but also in many others.

Our construction and refurbishment company in London will not only provide you with free instant online quotes (free quote), but also quotes in 24/48 hours. You can complete the form with everything you need and you can also leave us additional information if applicable, then we will send you the cost of your work you want to do.

Do not hesitate to contact us and you will not be disappointed.